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Reduced budgets and dynamic challenges have forced governments and businesses worldwide to consolidate operations, shrink project timelines and cut costs. Traditional technology creation has in some cases spanned years of development, testing, and evaluation. Meanwhile, operational environments change on a daily basis, rendering obsolete those tools developed to meet 2–3 year old requirements. Governments and businesses need the ability to quickly respond to new threats and develop innovative, cost effective solutions to emerging and disruptive technologies.

Archimedes uses real world operational expertise and technological acumen to design, build and bring tools from concept to deployment in a short period of time. We provide a variety of engineering services to include:

  • Demonstration and Validation
  • System Design, Engineering and Integration
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Concept and Prototype Development
  • Test and Evaluation

Agile Development

  • Archimedes employs vendor–neutral and open source solutions whenever possible to offer clients flexibility and keep development costs to a minimum.
  • Archimedes uses an agile development approach to provide clients with the flexibility necessary to address new threats and technologies as they emerge.
  • We maintain awareness of vulnerabilities and security solutions to support risk management decisions.

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